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Before the rainy season begins, you should have your home’s roof repaired. Here are some of the terrible things that can happen to a home when it has a leaking roof.

Roof Problem 1: Moisture Entering a Home’s Underlying Structures
If your home’s roof is defective, then it may have missing or loose shingles, and these areas are where rainwater can enter to damage the underlying structures. This can lead to rotting wooden beams in the roofing system. This moisture can continue to seep downward into other areas of a home, causing additional structural damage.

Roof Problem 2: Holes Where Different Types of Pests Can Enter
As moisture enters the roof, the holes get bigger, permitting pests to enter. This can lead to an infestation of mice or bats along with a variety of insects. These pests can invade the interior of your home, causing additional damage that will require repair.

Roof Problem 3: Mold Growth inside the Attic or the Walls
If there is moisture in your home’s wall spaces, then mold will begin to grow. Having mold in your home is dangerous for its structural materials, but this contamination can also make you ill in an assortment of ways. Some types of mold will lead to itchy eyes along with sinus congestion and sneezing, but other types of mold can damage your brain, causing cognitive difficulties.

Roof Problem 4: Damage to a Home’s Electrical Wires
As the rainwater drips through a damaged rooftop, it can ruin the electrical wiring in a home, leading to power surges or brownouts. These electrical issues can damage your expensive electronics or appliances. Without an efficient roofing repair, your home could require a total electrical system replacement.

Roof Problem 5: A Foul Mildew Odor inside Your Home
The moisture from the rainwater can create a foul mildew odor that permeates your entire home. This is often caused by the rotting drywall, insulation and wood in the walls or the ceilings.

Roof Problem 6: Rusty Water Pipes in the Ceilings and Walls
The water pipes of your home were designed for only having water inside the items, so if there is moisture dripping on the pipes, then the metal can begin to rust, leading to plumbing issues in addition to a roofing problem.

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What Happens During Roofing Repairs or Replacements?
It is easy for a roofing technician to make a minor repair to your home’s roof, but if there are major problems, then the rooftop will require a total replacement. As a homeowner, you may wonder how you can cope with the current rain during the roofing replacement, but expert roofers are prepared for this issue. The technicians will have huge tarps to place inside your home on the attic’s floor to protect it from water damage. You should remove items from the work area, including vehicles and satellite dishes. Inside your home, remove breakable items from the walls and shelves so that the items won’t fall from the constant hammering on the rooftop. Call our local roofers to get free consultation and look over your options.

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