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Have been the traditional choice of roofing material with only a few alternatives including clay, slate or concrete available. Asphalt has been the best choice in most cases since the the alternatives are very heavy and require additional support. The roofing materials available today offer more choices than ever before including solar tiles, metal in various styles, rubber slate and green roofing.

Choosing the best material for your new roof will be determined partly on where your home is located. Roofing materials that work well in a cold climate may not be the best choice for a desert type area. If your home is likely to be exposed to high winds, driving rain or blizzards, you may be losing shingles several times every year.

Asphalt Shingles
If you live in a moderate climate in a residential area your best choice may be high quality asphalt shingles. This would be the most economical choice, but you should expect to replace your roof after about 20 years.

Metal Roofing
Performs well about 60 years but does cost more than asphalt shingles. The most important advantages are that metal is not heavy so can be installed without removing the existing roof, resists damage from high wind, snow and rain and does not burn.

Stone-Coated Steel
Is aesthetically pleasing since this roofing material resembles shingles, slate or clay. This roof is unlikely to be damaged by high winds, heavy rain, hail or freeze-thaw cycles. This roofing material is not only economical, but is a good choice for areas where the chance of wildfires is high. Stone-coated steel roofs have a long life, and in many cases are warrantied for as long as the life of the house.

Rubber Slate
Is a unique roof that resembles traditional slate and can also last 100 years. The material can be cut to fit intricate spaces such as those found on Victorian homes. The material can be damaged by hail, pressure from someone walking on it or the installation of a satellite dish. If you want the look of slate without the weight, rubber slate may be a good choice. However, finding a contractor who knows how to install it may be difficult.

Solar Tiles
Are an aesthetically pleasing way to add solar collectors without using traditional solar panels. These tiles blend into the existing shingles and generate up to one kilowatt of electricity per 100 square feet. The solar tiles should be installed on a sunny roof just like solar panels but the cost is higher.

Green Roofs
Are used rarely, but they can provide insulation, reduce water run-off and improve the air quality of your home. A plant-covered green roof can last about 40 years, but the soil, compost and plants are heavy so the roof requires additional structural support. You may want to choose this roof if you live in an area that is an urban heat island.

The best roof for your home will depend on your climate, your home and your budget. You should carefully research these choices before deciding which roofing material is best for you and deciding which Portland roofing company to have install that roof.

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