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Are you looking at getting a pitched roof for your new or current home? Are you interested in finding out what affects the cost of the different roof pitches, if any? In this article, you will discover on average how much pitched roofs cost and what factors may impact the price, so you can plan your roof appropriately.

The average price to install a pitched roof on a newly built home or install an updated roof on an existing home is around $8,000 USD. However, the size of the roof, the pitch of it, the materials used, and the roofing company you use can determine if the price could be at the lower or higher end of the price spectrum.

Let’s explore all things roofing and cost, whether you are building a new house or installing a new roof on your existing home. Learn more about getting a pitched roof for your home and decide what pitch is best for you and for your budget.

The Cost Of Pitched Roofs

A pitched roof is a roof that slopes down from a ridge, most often sloping down on both sides evenly. They can vary in size and be very low pitch or a very high pitch. Pitched roofs are very common in more traditional style residential homes, while flat roofs are more common in commercial buildings and modern homes.

Many people choose their roof pitch due to architectural or design reasons. However, some homeowners consider the more practical benefits of having a pitched roof and others choose what roof they want to have solely due to the cost of the installation.

The roof of a home is so important, and if it is installed well using top-quality materials, it could even last up to one hundred years before it needs replacing. So keep this in mind when looking at costs. You ultimately want it to last, especially if you are building your forever home.

According to, the average cost for a roof, whether it is for a brand new house being built or as a replacement roof being installed, is $8,000 USD if you are in the United States of America. Most people will spend between $5,500 USD and $11,000 USD.

However, prices can vary and fluctuate, so get some quotes from different roofers in your area to get a more accurate price to suit your home and budget. Know there is not one ballpoint figure when it comes to how much a pitched roof will be.

In the graph below, we can see the costs of installing a replacement roof depending on the pitch or the type of roof you have. This is great because we can see how the pitch of the roof can alter the price range.

There are higher end and lower end rates included in the graph so you can see the range and variability that is out there when it comes to the costs of pitched roofs, but also give you a rough idea of what you may need to spend.

From the results, we can see that the steeper the pitch or greater the increase in the slope, the more expensive it is likely to be, both at the lower end and higher end of the pricing range.

We can also see that a flat roof and a low slope are more similar in price in both the low end and high end. This would be due to having a similar installation process and the number of materials needed.

The conventional slope has a competitive rate in regard to its similar pricing to a flat or low slope roof, but we can also see how it can also get quite up there in price on the higher end of the scale.

This graph and its results can give us a good idea of the range we are looking at so we can get some quotes from different roofing companies and ensure we are being quoted appropriately and we somewhat have an estimate of what it may be.

5 Factors That Impact Roof Pricing

Let’s see why the pitch of a roof may be more expensive compared to a flat roof or lower pitch roof. Discover overall any other factors that may ramp up the price of your roof installation so you can be informed and make wise decisions.

The Roof Size
The size of the roof makes a huge impact on how much the roof will cost. Regardless of the pitch of the roof, a large roof will cost more than a small roof and there is not much you can do about the size, but what you can control is the roofers you use and the materials you choose. The larger the area, the more materials and time are required.

The Roof Pitch
The steeper the roof is, the more materials are needed to cover the roof, such as more shingles needed, therefore more cement, and more nails to go into them.

The lower the roof pitch, the safer it is for roofers to walk on it and work on it. They will follow basic safety procedures and there are no extra costs to set up further safety equipment that may be required, such as scaffolding. This also means that the roofers will spend less time on the job, saving labor costs too.

Any Roof Installations That Are Present
If you have a chimney, skylight, or other roof installations, this will take extra time and resources to flash around these areas. Anything that will delay the installation, such as needing to do other work on the roof, will add to the overall cost.

The Materials Used On The Roof
There are a variety of roof tiles available for your house and there are some that are more expensive than others. Some popular choices include asphalt shingles, tile roofing, wood shakes, or a metal roof. Since roof tiles are needed to cover the whole roof, you will need a large quantity, and the costs of each tile can really add up.

According to, the most expensive roofing material is slate shingles which on a 2200 square foot home would cost on average around $20,000, whereas one of the most common roof materials is asphalt shingles, for the same size home would cost on average $2,500 for the material. This goes to show what you use can impact the price greatly.

Using Experienced and Highly Skilled Roofers For The Job
Working on a more complicated roof may also require more highly skilled workers to do the job, which may mean the rates are higher than if a rookie was working on it. Higher insurance premiums may be required by a roofing company, so this may factor into a higher quote price as well.

From this, we can see that pitched roofs are generally more expensive and there are valid reasons why that is. If you are concerned about the price and are building a new home, you could consider a flat roof or avoid designing a roof that is very steep.

There are many factors that contribute to the overall price of a roof, especially when it comes to pitched roofs with many variables. If you are updating your roof, you may not be able to alter the size of it, but you can choose affordable tiles to go with it and consider the slopes being used.

roofer on a pitched roof

The Main Benefits Of Having A Pitched Roof

The main benefits a homeowner may have by having a home with a pitched roof is that rain and snow can easily fall off a pitched roof, therefore there tends to be less maintenance needed compared to a flat roof. You can also harvest the rainwater if you wish.

A pitched roof will allow there to be plenty of ventilation in the roof and it is also easy to install in a pitched roof whereas it can be more difficult to do so in a flat roof. There is also plenty of storage space in the ceiling or you can even turn it into another room or living area.

Houses with pitched roofs can look really appealing for the homeowners and also to potential buyers. A pitched roof can offer a traditional, family and homey type feel to the house, which is commonly what a buyer is looking for. If you want a traditional aesthetic home, then pitched roofs are the way to go.

Overall, having a pitched roof on your residential home will provide you with many benefits, both practically and aesthetically. You may not be concerned about the cost when over time an insulated pitched roof is energy efficient and resilient. It is important to look at the long-term costs, not just the initial upfront costs of the installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Cheapest Roof Pitch To Build?
A lower slope pitched roof would be cheaper to build compared to a higher one. This would be a 3/12, which is three inches for every twelve inches of roof that you would be looking at before a medium slope pitch, which would be anything from 6/12. Then, of course, you will need to factor in the tiles and other materials required, which will increase the overall cost.

What Is The Most Common Roof Pitch?
The most common roof pitch to have on a residential house is around 4/12 and 9/12, also known as a conventional slope. However, there are more modern builds happening which are going for a flat roof look. Ultimately, when it comes to the roof pitch you want, take into account the pros and cons and what you want for your own home.

What Are Some Disadvantages Of Having A Steep Pitched Roof?
A house with a very steep slope and pitch may have debris run off the roof and get caught in the gutters and clog it. If you do need to go on the roof for any reason, it can be very dangerous, and overall it can look less modern than a flat roof would.

Will Roofing Prices Go Down in 2022?
Roofing prices will most likely not go down but instead, increase. There has been an increase in material costs recently which will therefore increase the overall price of the job you will be quoted. It is said that roofing contractors are seeing increases of 5%-10% in the material costs and it is unsure when these increases will end so it could be a good idea to lock in a price now.

Final Words

Overall, the installation of a pitched roof will be around $8000 USD depending on the size of the roof, the pitch, and other factors. Know that the rates can vary due to the roofing company being used, so get some quotes and do your own research into how you can save money if you are concerned about the price.

Keep in mind that in general, the steeper the roof, the steeper the price!

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