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what does paint look like after it dries
Why Paint Appears to Change Color as it Dries

When applying a fresh coat of paint to a surface, it can appear as though the paint is a different color than when it's completely dried. It takes a lot of time and planning to choose the correct shade for a project, so it can be extremely frustrating when paint doesn't turn out exactly as you intended.

Everything You Must Know About Flat Roofs
Everything You Must Know About Flat Roofs (Pros and Cons)

There are many roof design options, but most designs consist of one or more pitched surfaces to create the roof. Flat roofs are unique in that they have a surface with minimal slope, which presents a particular set of advantages and disadvantages.

can you negotiate with painter
Can You Negotiate Price with a Painter? (7 Best Tips)

Painting your home can be a stressful and costly endeavor. Finding the right painter who can get the job done the way you want it within your budget can be extremely challenging, so many homeowners wonder, is it acceptable to negotiate with a painter?

removing asbestos from roof
How to Keep an Asbestos Roof Cool (6 Best Methods)

Keeping your home's roof cool during the summer months can help you save lots of money and electricity, but when you're dealing with an asbestos roof, things can get a little bit complicated.

does house painting increase value
Does Painting Your Home's Interior Increase Its Value?

Whether you want to list your home on the market right away or looking to increase its value for the future, painting your home's interior is a relatively low-cost, high reward improvement.

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