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Useful resources for homeowners on roofing and painting topics.

how often should you paint interior
How Often You Should Paint the Interior of Your Home

How often people repaint the interior of their home can vary widely. Some people regularly repaint to match their ever-changing home décor, while others paint their house using neutral tones and leave it for years.

How Much an EPDM Rubber Roof Costs to Install and Repair
How to Keep Roof Joists From Freezing (And Why It's Bad)

When the weather gets cold, you may notice that the joists in your attic freeze. Especially for new homeowners, this can be very concerning and raise many questions regarding the safety of the beams freezing and how to prevent it from happening in the future.

roof insulation tips
How to Keep Roof Insulation In Place (5 Best Methods)

Proper roof insulation is essential in keeping your home’s temperature well-regulated and cutting energy costs. There are many options for keeping roof insulation in place.

costs of a flat roof
Are Flat Roofs More Expensive? An In-Depth Cost Analysis

When choosing a roof, there are a ton of options and considerations. One of the things critical to most people is the price of a new roof and the recurring cost of maintenance associated with their choice.

How Much an EPDM Rubber Roof Costs to Install and Repair
How Much an EPDM Rubber Roof Costs to Install and Repair

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) roofing is a single membrane roll or sheet of rubber material typically used on roofs with little to no pitch.

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