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Useful resources for homeowners on roofing and painting topics.

does house painting increase value
Does Painting Your Home's Interior Increase Its Value?

Whether you want to list your home on the market right away or looking to increase its value for the future, painting your home's interior is a relatively low-cost, high reward improvement.

energy efficient roof
The Most Energy-Efficient Roof Colors and Materials

Energy efficiency is a significant factor for many people because it's better for the environment and can save you a lot of money over time. But what roof color and material is the most energy-efficient option for a home?

estimate paint work
How to Estimate the Cost of Painting Your Home's Exterior

While many things can influence the cost of painting a home's exterior, you can do some quick calculations to find a rough ballpark for the expected price.

how much quotes cost
How Much Do Roofing Quotes Cost? (Are They Usually Free?)

Whether you need a roof on a new build, replacing an old roof, or doing repairs, you'll want to shop around to find the best roofing company for the best price.

how often should you paint interior
How Often You Should Paint the Interior of Your Home

How often people repaint the interior of their home can vary widely. Some people regularly repaint to match their ever-changing home décor, while others paint their house using neutral tones and leave it for years.

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