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Snow On Roof

Best Ways to Prepare Your Roof for the Winter

Roofing | December 9, 2019

With fall and winter’s extreme weather on the horizon, assess your roof and prepare for the cold weather ahead. You can protect your roof against damage and even extend the life of your roof with some maintenance tips. Realize that the roof assessment should be done by a professional, but…

Rainy Roof

What to expect from the raining season on your roof

Roofing | November 4, 2019

What to Expect from the Rainy Season on Your Home’s Roof Before the rainy season begins, you should have your home’s roof repaired. Here are some of the terrible things that can happen to a home when it has a leaking roof. Roof Problem 1: Moisture Entering a Home’s Underlying…

Roof Types

The Best Material for Your New Roof 2019

Roofing | October 14, 2019

Have been the traditional choice of roofing material with only a few alternatives including clay, slate or concrete available. Asphalt has been the best choice in most cases since the the alternatives are very heavy and require additional support. The roofing materials available today offer more choices than ever before…

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