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What are flat roofs? Everything you need to know.

Flat roofing is a type of roofing that has a very low slope, usually less than 10 degrees1. Flat roofs are not completely flat, but have a slight angle to allow water to drain off. Flat roofs are common in commercial and industrial buildings, but can also be used for residential purposes.

Flat roofs have some advantages over steeply pitched roofs, such as:
– They are easier and cheaper to install and maintain.
– They provide more usable space on the roof for equipment, storage, or recreation.
– They can accommodate solar panels, green roofs, or cool roofs to improve energy efficiency and environmental benefits.

Flat roofs also have some disadvantages, such as:
– They are more prone to leaks and water damage due to ponding water and ice dams.
– They have a shorter lifespan than pitched roofs and require more frequent inspections and repairs.
– They may not be suitable for areas with high winds, heavy snowfall, or extreme temperatures.

There are different types of flat roofs, each with its own characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. Some of the most common types of flat roofs are:
Built-up roof (BUR): This is the traditional flat roof that consists of multiple layers of asphalt or tar and gravel. It is durable, fire-resistant, and inexpensive, but also heavy, messy, and smelly to install. It is not recommended for occupied buildings or DIY installation.

Modified bitumen roof (MBR): This is a single-ply rolled roof that is impregnated with rubber or plastic polymers. It can be installed using hot or cold adhesives, torches, or self-adhesive strips. It is more flexible and resistant to tears and scuffs than BUR, but also more expensive and vulnerable to fire hazards.

Rubber membrane roof (EPDM): This is a synthetic rubber roof that can be mechanically fastened, ballasted with stone, or glued to the roof deck. It is lightweight, easy to install and patch, and reflects heat well. However, it is also costly, prone to punctures, and may absorb water.

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How to find the right Portland Flat Roofer for your home.

Finding a good flat roofer is not an easy task, especially in a city like Portland where the weather can be harsh and unpredictable. You want a roofer who can install, repair, and maintain your flat roof with quality materials and workmanship. You also want a roofer who is licensed, insured, bonded, and reputable. Here are some tips on how to find the right flat roofer for your home in Portland.

Ask for recommendations from family, friends, neighbors, or other trusted sources who have had flat roofing work done recently. Word-of-mouth referrals are often the best way to find a reliable and experienced roofer.
Check online reviews and ratings from sites like Angi45, HomeAdvisor1, or Yelp. Look for roofers who have positive feedback from previous customers and who specialize in flat roofing. Avoid roofers who have complaints, lawsuits, or unresolved issues with their clients.

Verify the roofer’s credentials and qualifications. Make sure they have a valid license from the Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB), which you can check online at Also make sure they have liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and a bond to protect you from any damages or injuries that may occur during the project.

Get at least three written estimates from different roofers. Compare the scope of work, the materials used, the warranty offered, and the total cost of each estimate. Don’t automatically choose the lowest bidder, as they may cut corners or use inferior materials. Choose the roofer who offers the best value for your money and who meets your expectations.

Ask for references from previous customers who have similar flat roofs as yours. Contact them and ask about their experience with the roofer, their satisfaction with the quality of work, and their recommendations for improvement. You can also ask to see some of their completed projects in person if possible.

Review and sign a detailed contract with the roofer before they start the work. The contract should include the start and completion dates, the payment schedule, the materials and labor costs, the change order policy, the warranty terms, and any other relevant information. Make sure you understand and agree with everything in the contract before signing it.

By following these tips, you can find a good flat roofer who can handle your flat roofing project with professionalism and expertise. A good flat roofer will not only install or repair your flat roof, but also help you maintain it and extend its lifespan. A flat roofing expert will also give you peace of mind and confidence that your flat roof is in good hands.

Featured Flat Roofing Project

We were extremely happy with the workmanship and experience having West Coast Roofing & Painting on our project. Their pricing was also reasonably competitive, and they were willing to be flexible with costs as new complications arose with our project. They had been recommended to us from a trusted professional, and they lived up to and went beyond our expectations. What started as a roof replacement on our flat roofed mid century home ended up including some siding work, as damage was uncovered after removing the old roofing materials. Rocky was the foreman on our job, and he and the owner Fermin made sure everything was right – from the custom sized lumber we needed to match the areas that needed to be replaced in our rough hewn douglas fir ceiling, to the way the nails aligned on the clear cedar replacement siding installation. The crew was professional and friendly, and each evening they left our property neat and clean. We will gladly work with them again for any future needs.

Jannelle S.

Over 225 Reviews From Happy Customers

Recent Testimonials from Happy Homeowners.


West Coast Roofing replaced our roof last August. Their pricing was, we thought, extremely fair, especially after they completed the job. The employees were friendly, but professional, and the whole job, from tear down and rot repair to roof replacement, took only one day. There was no disturbance to the neighbors, and especially to our professionally landscaped front yard. Except for a stray shingle or two, you never would have known they had been there…except for that beautiful new roof. Great job, and thank you!

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Kelly Stacey
Tualatin, Oregon


West Coast Roofing installed a new roof for us and we are so happy with their work. The salesman showed us a lot of shingle options that we could actually feel and was easy to work with. The installation team was really prompt, professional, and had an incredible work ethic. They completed our roof in a little over a day and left our home nearly spotless. We definitely recommend them!



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Holly Johnson
Lake Oswego, Oregon


Everyone at West Coast Roofing was friendly and professional and they communicated clearly with me at each stage of the process. The crew that installed our roof worked efficiently and cleaned up perfectly. Our new roof looks great!





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Heidi Nestler
Portland, Oregon

Frequently Asked Questions About Flat Roofing

Yes, we recommend completely tearing off your old roof before installing the new one. To ensure the best quality of repair, we need to address the root of your roof’s problem. This can only be done once the old roof has been removed.

Depending on your type of roof, the roof replacement process can vary in how long it takes. It’s difficult for us to estimate without taking a look at your roof and determining the damage.

Yes, most commercial flat roofs support the weight of AC units and it eliminates the need for ground space for AC units.

Yes, Solar Panels can be installed on your new flat roof. The flat design of the roof also makes the solar panels less visible from the ground level when compared to a sloped roof.

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