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Affordable, Low Monthly
Payments For Your Home

We make it easy to pay for your roofing or painting project

Financing up to $250,000 for Home Improvement.

Need help paying for your home improvement? We’ve got you covered.

financing your home improvement

Why Get Financing?

Whether you need your roof replaced or home painted, it’s a big home investment. The cost of a new roof ranges between $350 to $550 per square (100 square feet). If you’re on a limited budget, it can be difficult to afford a full home improvement. Fortunately, we’re here to make your next roofing or painting project affordable.

How Does It Work?

The first step is to apply with our partner Enhancify. They provide a free tool that will help you understand your rate and how much you’ll end up paying. Simply put in the full cost of your home improvement and how many years you’d like to pay. Enhancify makes the financing process simple and straightforward.

enhancify financing option

Why Choose Enhancify


Loans up to $250,000

Get a loan that fully covers your roofing or painting home improvement project.


Equity in your
home is not

Don’t have equity in your
home? No worries.


Poor, Fair, Good,
Very Good &
Excellent Credit

We work with all types of
credit to make it affordable
for you.


No prepayment penalties

We’ll never penalize you for paying off your loan early.


Comparing your
options won't
affect your credit

Your credit score won’t be
negatively impacted if you
compare different options.

Get Pre-Approved Today

It’s simple to start the loan process. Find out what your payment options are.

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